Choosing A Bra:

Tips On Shopping For Bras

It’s that time to replace those old bra’s that are becoming tired and frayed around the edges, but before you step out into the shops let’s make sure that you are going to get the right one for you.

The better a bra fits the ‘healthier’ you will feel.  A poof fitting bra has impacts and one that is too loose can cause back pains whilst one that is too tight will be uncomfortable, restrict blood flow and cause irritation or rashes.  It is important that the bra you choose reflects both your shape and body needs.

So tip number one is measure up before you go out.  Your weight and body shape fluctuates over the years but one of the most common mistakes made by women is buying the same size year in and year out.  Pregnancy, menopause, age all effect boob size and shape.  If you are unsure of how exactly to measure your bust size go to a bra fitting shop and get them to measure you up before you start trying them on.

When you are going to fit your new bra wear a light and thin top. A T-Shirt is perfect for this as you want to see what it is going to look like when wearing it out.

Once you have put your bra on correctly use your normal body posture,   Wear it in the positions that you will be in for most of the day to see that it is comfortable during long time wear.  Put the straps in the right position they are designed for – stand up, bend over, walk around.

Make sure the bra is not too tight, if you are struggling to put that third hook on it is too tight.  If you are having overflow at the top or the sides it is too tight.  Trust me it is not a turn on to see half your breasts overflowing the top.

If your breasts are swimming in the cup like boys in a tent it is too big.  Having a bra that is too big will not give you the support that is needed and can lead to soreness and even injury to your boobs and also makes for an ooglers delight as men will peer down your tops and see your breasts.

Buy the correct bra for your lifestyle choices.  If you are a fitness freak purchase a bra that is going to support you, generally a cross fit bra, if you are a receptionist buy something that is lacy.  Make sure that the bras you choose will fit your lifestyle demands.

Finally, buy more than one.  Look, you probably went bra shopping because your old ones were tired and most of us only go bra shopping every six months, so buy enough to last with one spare, until next time when you will measure up again and perhaps change your bra style choice because of changes in your lifestyle.

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