Most Popular Lingerie Colours:

Ultimate Lingerie Color Guide

Colors play an enormous part of our non-verbal communications as humans. We select different colours to evoke feelings of peace and serenity and also to create excitement, hunger and all sorts of things. Clothing colours say a lot about our personalities and that transcends into our lingerie wardrobe as well. Donna Dawson, an expert on clothing styles and colours, suggested that warmer colours such as reds, oranges, and yellows, help in the creation of feelings relating to excitement and vitality. These colours will actually increase our blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing rate. Some very essential qualities when it comes to sex, and sexuality.


Meaning of colors



Black is a seductive colour. It is arguably the most seductive colour, traditionally reds are thought to be the sultriest, but there is a profound difference between sultry and seductive and it shows a lot in women’s lingerie. Black is a color which absorbs energy, and it does that exceptionally well by being active, heated and nothing stimulates seduction like a sexy piece of black lingerie. It's a timeless and classic color and will go with almost anything, as well as the idea that it will look pretty damn good in almost any kind of light as well.

Black is also exceptionally slimming, so if you're a little worried about coming across as anything but, perhaps you should opt for the timeless and classic black pieces. When you boil it down to the color, black is generally attributed to authority and power - and this shows when it black is in the top 3 selling lingerie colors. Black is always a safe option as well, but you have the ability to dress it up (consider black with lace edging) or you can dress it down (plain sheer black). And if you're relaxing in a black pair of boy shorts, you're not screaming anything that's overly crazy. There have been some fantastic lingerie ads, featuring simple black lingerie.


Sexy In Black



Red, now red is the color that people think of when they think of sexy lingerie. It stimulates passion, sensuality, and ultimately, circulation. Red is the color of emotions, it is passion, it is love, it is sexuality. Like a bull fighter, red attracts a variety of attention from stemming from love and rage. However, depending on the red, it doesn't necessarily suit all skin types, and it doesn't have much of a slimming aspect.

Red is for voluptuous and it is for curvaceous, if you have curves that you want to show off, and you're proud to show them off, then red is your perfect balance of light and shade. Red is used in marketing and advertising to quicken the pulse and increase the viewer’s breathing, the same can be said of women’s red lingerie. It is the lingerie that you want to wear when you want to get reactions, get attention and feel absolutely confident. Many people feel that red lingerie is a cliché, it's not. Yes, red lingerie is associated with being racy, but not to the point of being sexually promiscuous.

If you're wearing red lingerie, it's because you're simply on a mission to get what you want. Red is also for the bold and for the confident, if you open your drawer and see a lot of red you're more than likely going to feel sexually secure and sexually confident.




White, now white is a classic lingerie color. It is the combination of all the colors that exist, and as it's a reflective color (in terms of light) it's often considered to be a summer color. But let's face it, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want and so long as you feel sexy in it, who gives a damn. White has traditionally been associated with innocence and purity, and it also symbolizes sterility.

Without going too in depth on you and turning you off white, there is often a lot of spirituality associated with the color white as it often means divine light, a light of purity and perfection, the light of the Buddha consciousness and the light of Christ. Since white reflects light, it’s often considered to be a peaceful and meditative color that is neutral in its emotions.

Wearers of white, often want to come across as spiritual, pure and innocent. This is reinforced by the idea that white is traditionally used as the bridal dress color. White is a color that you wear when you don't particularly want attention, it is a specifically diligentcolor and something that you want to maintain cleanliness with. White adds to the fascination behind the idea of purity, though the idea around it has never really made much sense.

At the end of the day, it doesn't particularly matter as to who you are, just that you're allowed to wear whatever you want, and enjoy it however you like. Some people though, like the idea of white as it adds to that sense of innocence and enhances the experience, meaning that you do have a little minx inside of you. If your drawer is mostly white, you probably enjoy feeling youthful, and though you're up to learning new things and trying new things, you're more likely to stick to the normal. And believe me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!



Surprisingly Nude is one of the other top three sellers in women’s lingerie colors. Nude is also known as tan, toffee, light brown and it is a particularly earth color and associated with mother-nature. It's a color that is abundant in nature and is a profound part of who we are. Nude is a color that represents both reliability and structure, it's also a color that showcases our vulnerability, and opens us up. Nude is a colour that is perfect for fitting in, and perhaps this is the reason as to why people buy it so much.

It’s for people that don't necessarily want to be noticed, for people that want to remain natural, and not draw any attention to themselves, whilst it's a useful color to wear out when one is married, it's a colour that isn't taking a lot of risks. If your wardrobe is full of nude colors, then consider taking a risk every now and then, I’m by no means suggesting that nude is a boring color, I’m saying that it is a safe colour and that perhaps you'd benefit from taking risks every now and then.



Pink is a gentler version of red. Whilst it still invokes similar feelings to the red it tones them down quite considerably to more gentle feelings of romance. It also has the sense of innocence and purity surrounding it as with the white. Pale pink draws on energy surrounding it, and it helps relax both the wearer and the viewer and makes them more approachable.

Pink is therefore a brilliant color to wear on a first date, and as it's a very feminine and soft colour, you're not going to come across as overly bold, and in charge (unless that's what you're going for) and you'll retain some sense of that innocence. This is in reference to soft, pale and pastel pinks as opposed to hot pinks. Hot pinks completely subvert that sense of innocence and is a very bold attention grabber.


Plus Sized Babe



Purple has in every sense of the color traditionally represented luxury, royalty and wealth. It is a color rarely found in nature and this reinforces its prized aspect, it does however often come across as artificial so if you're going to go purple you need to ensure that it is a tone which matches your skin, and conveys the intention that you want it to convey. It has the power of femininity and romantic appeal especially in the lighter colors and the pastels. If elegance is your thing, especially for older ladies, then purple might just be your necessary go to colour.



Blue rounds up the top three selling lingerie colors, and it's not hard to see why with natural blues being found almost every aspect of nature. From the ocean, to the sky and everything in between. Blue is considered to be the opposite response of red, it evokes calmness, and produces feelings of peace and tranquility. In lingerie it produces peace, unless it's a bold blue which means that you're ballsy, and ready to get what you want. If the majority of your underwear is blue you're probably going to be considered a little bit of a wild child. Remember, that if you're going to go the light blues - then you're going for the same kind of feelings as your light pinks.