Wearing Lingerie:

Why Do Women Love Wearing Lingerie

A woman that wears sexy lingerie regularly is not really doing it for anyone else, they are doing it for themselves.  The theory goes that if a woman thinks she looks sexy (even under her clothes) then that perception will help her over-all confidence and self-esteem.  Feeling good about oneself if a very important aspect of how we will integrate in society and the confidence we will outwardly display because of what we feel inside. The wrong intention is often interpreted by men that think their wives and girlfriend are dressing up for them, and although this is sometimes the case, more often than not, it isn’t.

Lingerie and tailored undergarments have been worn for thousands of years, and although back in the past the purpose may have been to please the master or provider this changed in the last century. Then this sexy wear was not worn to please others, but to please oneself and to often not even show it.  The marketing approach to lingerie has also changed considerably, especially in the last couple of decades.  Marketing, although making the wearer look exotic often will tell the story of how sexy the wearer will feel and also as often not even show a visual admirer.


Feeling Sexy


Lingerie is exotic and teasing for the wearer and she or he may be shy to show it to someone else. This feeling of being viewed or judged by another may make them feel like they are a commodity being displayed and will make them awkward, anxious and even ashamed.  On the other hand some women will enjoy being looked at, desired and it will be a real turn-on to exhibit his or her charms to their lover.

Young designers are now making lingerie that is both comfortable and sexy – for those wishing to wear them at work or during sports.  This trend to make sexy undergarments ‘everyday’ wear goes to validate that women in today’s society wear them for their own personal pleasure and confidence.  Yes there is still a place for boned corsets and corsets but there is more of a demand for comfortable underwear that is sexy.

Almost every women owns some lingerie.  A special piece whether it be a camisole, gown or kinky G and since this has become so mainstream there are now very affordable brands.  Intimate wear for all occasions, for every body type and every taste.  Beauty cannot be described with one label, it now has multiple personalities that are influenced and impacted by all aspects of one’s life.  There is no stereotypical woman anymore and this is evident also in the varieties of lingerie available.  It is beautiful to be big and almost all ranges include plus sizes.  Women are strong and independent and are stepping out, exploring their own sexual lifestyles displaying beauty, sensitivity and pizzazz.

Benefits of Wearing Lingerie

Sexy Situations

Many years ago, I was given two solid pieces of advice. If you're going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, and the best shoes. Because realistically you spend a large portion of your life in these two things, and its essential that you get the best of both of these things.

Most Popular Lingerie Colours

Meaning of colors

Colors play an enormous part of our non-verbal communications as humans. We select different colours to evoke feelings of peace and serenity and also to create excitement, hunger and all sorts of things.