What are Fantasy Web Originals?

Fantasy Web Originals are works of fiction that fall under the fantasy genre. They can range from traditional sword and sorcery tales set in a medieval setting to modern urban fantasy stories. Fantasy Web Originals can be played completely straight or contain elements of parody, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.

What Are The Features of a Fantasy Web Original?

Fantasy stories often feature good vs. evil elements and explore justice, honor, sacrifice, and redemption themes. In addition to these titles, many tropes are commonly used in Fantasy Web Originals. These include the use of magical creatures, heroic quests, mythical creatures, epic battles, gods and goddesses, and fantastical worlds.

How do you write a Fantasy Web Original?

When writing a Fantasy Web Original, it is essential to include certain elements to ensure that your story fits within the genre. This section will explore the elements that should always feature in a fantasy web Original. These include;

Does it Have To Have a magic system?

A magic system is essential for any Fantasy Web Original. This element sets fantasy fiction apart from other genres and can be as unique and imaginative as you like. Your magic system should have established rules and be a source of conflict or a driving plot force.

Why Is There A well-developed setting?

A well-developed setting is also key to any fantasy novel. This is your opportunity to create a completely new world, and you should take readers on a sensory journey throughout your world. Consider landscape, climate, artificial structures, people’s appearances, and societal customs.

Can I Add My Fantasy Web Originals To This Site?

Yes we welcome guest publishers and guest writers.