Writing Fantasy Web Originals

Tips On Writing Fantasy Web Originals

Remember to include a cast of complex characters when Writing Fantasy Web Originals.

A cast of complex characters is also essential. Avoid clichés like the farm boy who is the ‘chosen one’ or the old, wise wizard/mentor. Even though your story takes place in a fantasy world, your characters should still be viewed as ‘real people and developed as such.

The story must have a conflict.

Finally, a conflict must be present in the story. This can be an internal struggle or a battle between two opposing forces, but it must be resolved by the end of the story. This conflict should be the driving force of your story and the source of tension and suspense.

Make Sure You Have fun while writing.

Finally, it’s important to remember to have fun while writing! Fantasy Web Originals are a great way to explore your creative side and share your unique stories with the world. So don’t be afraid to get creative, have fun, and let your imagination run wild!

“Harry Porter Ten Years Later”: How it fulfils every aspect of a fantasy web story

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later is the latest entry in the wildly popular Harry Potter franchise. It is no surprise why this web original is so great. Not only does it feature the classic characters from the Harry Potter films and books, but it also introduces new, interesting characters. The story follows Harry Potter ten years after he defeated Voldemort and shows his struggles to adjust to life in Aurora. The show also features witty dialogue and hilarious moments, making it a great watch for both Potter lovers and newcomers. The show has great production values, excellent acting performances, and amazing special effects. It is also well-written and has plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the franchise. Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later is a great web original that will captivate viewers of all ages and bring them back for more.

Other Amazing Fantasy Web Originals

There are many Fantasy Web Originals available online, including “The Account,” “Addergoole,” “The Adventures of Fox Tayle,” “Aegeroth: A Checkered History,” “AFK,” “AJCO,” “All That Dwell Within Your Gates,” “An Akatsuki’s Life,” “Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society,” “Arcana Magi Universe,” “Arcana Magi,” “Arcana Magi Bolt,” “Arcana Magi Cross,” “Arcana Magi Divine,” “Arcana Magi Fifth World,” “Arcana Magi Memorial,” “Arcana Magi Pure,” “Arcana Magi Rush,” “Arcana Magi Wisp,” and “Arcana Magi Zero.”

Writing Fantasy Web Originals

The history of fantasy is as old as humanity itself. Every culture worldwide has myths and folklore that they use to impart wisdom and values. Fantasy Web Originals are a modern take on these stories and can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.





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